Danielle worked to understand the special needs of our pilot group
for the book, "Become a Fat-Burning Machine: The 12-Week Plan." The group was extremely excited to receive tips and guidance on how to prepare healthy and delicious foods at home.

Gale Bernhardt

Olympic Coach

Author of 7 Books

​​We loved every second of it.  Time went by so fast.  You needed to experience my life to understand the challenge, now you do.  Everyone loved last night.  You need to know that our guests have the top chefs in the world cook for them and they were impressed by you. Well done.

Mike Berland

CEO Edelman Berland

​Co Author of: What Makes You Tick?  How Successful People Do It & What You Can Learn From ThemThe Fat-Burning Machine The 12 Week Plan

Danielle Polansky not only takes the mundane out of cooking the same recipes but she brings a level of knowledge and passion to her approach that creates motivation for healthy and lasting change.  Feeling better and living with a greater sense of appreciating nourishing and delicious food is what I've experience as a client. 

Cindy Gibson

Danielle is truly a light! Not only do her classes captivate the audience, her instruction is very unique and takes a very hands on approach to make all student feel successful in the kitchen. Danielle is fantastic and would recommend her savvy service to all!

Kyle Chrisman

Corepower Yoga Instructor

Thank you so much for your inspirational cooking instruction you gave us last month.  Over the past two years I had lost my healthy eating/cooking habits due to my crazy Realtor schedule. Thanks to you and your zestful passion, I am back in the groove!  I truly enjoyed your class and finally meeting you.

Christine Cavalier



Last night was another stand out presentation. I continue to be amazed by how well you know and can target your audience. You invite people into the experience of cooking well and demystify it for them. Thank you for leading with the importance of planning. It's 80 percent of the process. If you can plan, commitment is sure to follow. Thanks for a lovely evening. 

Mary Nusser

It Was Divine