A brief interview with Danielle...

Other than food, what are you passionate about?

  • I’m passionate about waterskiing! 

What is a random fact about you?

  • I like it hot….my food and the weather

If someone was to come and stay a week with you, what would we find you doing? 

  • If you were to visit you might find us cooking, eating, waterskiing, open water swimming, biking, rowing, paddle boarding, hiking, doing yoga, walking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, traveling, working out, gardening, having a drink on the deck, or enjoying the sunset.  

A message from It Was Divine Chef

It Was Divine

Hi, my name is Danielle, the voice behind It Was Divine.  I am passionate about family, food and inspiring people to use real food so they can feel their best.

With the support of my amazing husband John, and my two beautiful girls Madison and Camryn, I want people to know that eating healthy food doesn’t compromise taste. My recipes are simplistic and easy to follow. Everyone can make something that is both good for them and tastes great. 

I strive to cook with food in its natural state, eliminating processed items as much as possible. I always read what the ingredients are. In season and local foods are my favorites. The flavors intensify when it is fresh and it's important to me to support local farmers. 

I am inspired by the people I meet, the things I read, the places I travel, and foods that are in season. I believe that food is a connector.  It connects us to the earth, ourselves, our energy level, and the ones we love.    

My hope is that my teaching and cooking inspires you.