Danielle has always had an interest in food.  The spectrum of “health” has changed throughout the years; however, it began with the influence of her parents.   Danielle’s mother was a professional marathon runner in the mid 1980’s and her father was a runner and athlete as well.  Being health conscious was on her family radar.  A healthy lifestyle was instilled as a young child, as seen here climbing Longs Peak in Colorado as a 12 year old.

In 2008 Danielle wanted her own children to have a connection to the food they were eating.  She and her girls began to work with a  community sustained Agriculture Farm or CSA.  Her work ranged from planting, harvesting, sorting, and delivering of produce.  Working with  the CSA and seeing the source of her food ignited the passion for cooking with whole food.

 2009 Danielle was asked to start a garden at a local charter school.  This was the beginning of Windsor Charter Academy Organic Garden.  Danielle and her garden partner Master Gardner, Kristin Horton, were passionate about creating a workspace for kids to learn outside the classroom and integrate the curriculum into practical application.  Danielle created a program teaching classes or brought in guest speakers to teach about soil composition, landscape design, companion crops, organic pest management, crop rotation, and cooking classes to utilize what was being grown. 

While running the WCA Organic Garden, Danielle began cooking classes for adults as well.  A revelation that children didn’t know about food grown in a garden was because they weren’t seeing it at home.  This was the desire to start teaching adult cooking classes.  Her adult cooking classes began in 2011 with groups of 10 people hosted at a private venue in Loveland and grew to include leading the seasonal wellness cooking classes for Core Power Yoga, classes at Whole Foods, working with local health clubs, hosting corporate team building events, private clients, and traveling across the country to share her passion for creating food that is healthy, fresh and simple to prepare.  She has had the privilege to work with professional athlete Whitney McClintock as well as Olympic Coach Gale Bernhardt and recently has provided recipes and instruction for newly released book "The Fat Burning Machine" by Mike Berland and Gale Bernhardt.   

Danielle continues to teach hands on cooking classes for small groups and individuals to prepare meals that nourish the mind, body, and soul.   

It Was Divine